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Last Sunday,  I was able to get Jeff to say yes to buying a pair of snap pliers. I’m going to cloth diaper Oscar, and I’ve been thinking about making and eventually selling my own cloth diapers. And I felt that a pair of snap pliers would help with this.

Well, since I haven’t actually made any diapers, I decided to put my snap pliers to use for other projects. I was browsing around online, and came across this fun little tutorial for a needlebook over at Sew She Sews. The nice part about projects like this is that you can use the tutorial as a baseline; and then you can simply just modify it to your liking.  I found the tutorial to be very easy to follow.

Closed Needlebook

I tried to use up as many scraps as I could for this project. I started out by fussy cutting a gnome out of a piece of Heather Ross’ gnome fabric; I’m not sure at all what the name of the fabric line is; I started getting into quilting and specific designers long after it went out of print; I obtained this fabric from a scrap pack purchased from Etsy. Anyway, I used double sided fusible interfacing to apply it to another one of her fabrics, and then using a decorative stitch on my sewing machine, I appliqued it to the brown fabric on the outside of the needlebook. After that, I sandwiched the brown with the batting, and the fabric and the inside. I used teal colored thread to do some decorative quilting on the front, making sure I did not quilt over the gnome. My sewing of the binding is a bit sloppy; however since I plan on keeping it, I really don’t care.. it adds character!

The opened needlebook.

Here’s the inside. The felt is 100% wool. The pocket is not lined like it is in the tutorial; instead I decided to simply just fold over the edge twice and stitch straight across. You’ll notice that there’s a line of stitches right next to the felt; I had initally sewn it down there, but hen realized that I had set the felt a bit too high and off center, so I had to take it out and then put it back in after I put in the binding.

Here’s some information: The felt is cut at 6 inches wide by 4.5 inches. the entire needlebook is 8 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall. The snaps are sized 20 and were purchased with my snap pliers; which you can purchase from (If you buy something, tell them that Amber Hayford sent you!)

I love this project, because it’s a great way to use up scraps. If you do not have a way to add snaps, you can also do an elasticized button loop and a button, or even just two pieces of ribbon to tie it shut. Those are just two possibilities; I’m sure there’s other ways as well.

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