Past Swaps

Modern Signature Block Swap

I participated in this back in June 2010. This swap consisted of making 101 4.5″ squares following this tutorial, and we got 100 -give or take- back and one block was put into a quilt that would go to charity. This was actually my very first swap that I did on Flickr. I don’t have a picture of the blocks I got back; nor have I done anything with them yet; but that’ll be for someday when I get around to it. I enjoyed looking at the places where the blocks came from and the fabrics that were used.

Siggy Swap Blocks that I sent out


Mod Bento Block Swap

I participated in this swap back in June 2010 as well; it was running concurrent with the Siggy Block Swap. There’s actually a hilarious story behind mailing the blocks out.. namely I had gone to the post office and purchased the postage using the self serve kiosk, but due to the fact that I was hungry and therefore thinking about food, I FORGOT TO PUT THE POSTAGE on the package! Somehow though, it arrived to the hostess -it was a central swap meaning everyone participating sends their blocks to one person, and they sort and then mail the blocks back out- without any postage and there wasn’t a postage due notice either! It was quite hilarious. The blocks were made using this tutorial; and it was not a set number swap; basically how it worked we sent in as many blocks as we could and we would get back the number of blocks we sent out; in my case I made 24; so I got back 24.

My Modified Bento Block before being quartered up.

Handsome Hexie Swap

I did this swap in July of 2010. This was the first Secret Partner swap I participated in; meaning we get a partner to make hexagons for but they don’t know who’s sending them hexagons; and of course, we’ve got someone secretly making us hexagons. Here’s the hexagons that I sent out to my partner Donna who blogs here


Hexagons I made

There’s a large variety of sizes and prints here. Mostly Heather Ross, but a couple of Lizzy House and one of Alexander Henry, Erin McMorris -the bird print fabric- and two of some Japanese prints, and even some embroidered ones that I personally embroidered. And of course, I got some hexagons in return.. the gal that had me as a partner is Alexandra who blogs here.

My hexagons, image used with Alexandra's permission.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well she hit the nail on the head with her fabric selection; the hexie holder pouch is lined with Anna Maria Horner fabric; who is a designer that I absolutely love and adore.

May 13, 2011