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Hello 2013!

New year, new start, right? Not really one for resolutions here, but it’ll be nice to get some more stuff done this year for sure though. Anyway, I am excited to share that I’m participating in a sew a long.. but it’s a different sew a long of sorts.. it’s one for BRAS! It’s being hosted by Amy who blogs at Cloth Habit. If you browse through her blog, you can tell she really has a passion for sewing, and she’s made some VERY pretty things, both lingerie as well as other pieces of clothing.

So, the next obvious question is.. “Why try to sew bras? Why not just buy them?”

To put it plainly; like 9 out of 10 women I’ve been apparently wearing the wrong size bra until I came across an online community that’s dedicated to bras, how they are supposed to fit, helping other women find the right sized bra for themselves; it’s a wonderful and supportive community, and it’s been a blast participating in it. When I first discovered the community, I actually got super excited and did a series of three blog posts about it on my other personal blog. (Mythbusting the Bust, Today’s Bra Adventure, and CeleBRAtion Time!) Since blogging those posts, I’ve learned more about fit and shape and style.. so the information regarding my bra size as well as bras that fit me is slightly outdated and in the case of some bras I’ve purchased they are ill fitting. I recently participated in a Q & A session with one of the ladies that contributes to the same online community, where I go more into detail about my current size and more informed experiences.

Back to why make my own bras.. here it is. I have a very difficult time buying bras. I’m petite with a 29.5″ underbust, and my breasts are well.. rather predominant on my chest. With a 29.5″ underbust, I have to find 30 band which is difficult enough, but throw in the fact that I’m a 30E (30DDD in the US sizing system) makes it even more difficult. Very few brands in the US make a 30 band and typically if they do, they don’t go up to my cupsize in that band, or even worse, they are the wrong shape for my breasts. I’ve been able to succesfully fit into one American made bra, and I have to literally import bras from the UK to find a bra that fits my shape and supports me properly. I can find the same brand in the US, but they are typically more money than what you can get in say.. Victoria Secret; which does NOT carry my size.

I love sewing, and I love trying new things that also challenge me. And I need more bras!

So onto the materials. I don’t actually have them yet; I purchased a kit yesterday from an etsy store called Hooks and Wires, which includes everything I need to make a bra, except for the pattern. I decided to go with a black bra kit; but she offers all sorts of colors and actually and dyes all of them (except for black, she gets those as they are since black is a very difficult color to achieve in the dyeing process) and she’s made some BEAUTIFUL kits and colors! She’s also extremely knowledgeable about bra sizing and was able to help me determine the wire size I need and to confirm that I will be able to use a pattern that will work for me once I do some adjustments and alterations to the pattern.  If you check out her blog, you can see the colors she’s done in the past.. all sorts of pretty and fun colors! I purchased my pattern from a seller on ebay. Once I have both in my hands I will share pictures and hopefully get started on it! I should probably have both of them early next week sometime.

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