Me & Lizzy House

I forgot to blog about it when it happened, but back in December I was able to go to Lizzy House’s studio sale; which was convenient since she was holding it near my inlaws’ house and then afterwards Jeff & I were able to do some Christmas shopping.

It was nice visiting with her again; I went back in 2010 and ended up spending something like 1.5 hours hanging out with her and her sister; I even help fold up fabrics for some bundles!


I bought a stack of 6 fat quarters and one of her prints -I need to hang it up. It was really fun chatting and sitting with her again; she commented on how nice it is that I always tweet with her, and that I make really beautiful things which of course made me feel warm and fuzzy.

Anyway, here’s the pic of the two of us!

Lizzy House and Me!


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