My Blog Has A New Home!

After starting my blog in July of 2008, I have finally decided about 2.5 years later that it’s time to graduate from blogger and using WordPress. What prompted the move? A number of things.

The first reason was sort of a self branding purpose. I want to really start putting myself out in the blogsphere, and eventually make a name for myself. There’s many exceptionally successful bloggers out there that have their own brand and even products and that have used blogger to do so, but while it’s simple to use, wordpress I think has a lot more flexibility in terms of customization and and a more polished and professional look. Exactly what do I plan on doing and going with my blog? I honestly can’t tell you, but I feel that when (notice how I said when and not if?) I’m in the position of where I’m handing out business cards and the like, I think that “.com” is better looking than “”. I could have just bought my domain name and then had it redirect to blogger, but I didn’t want to do that. Plus, my husband was really into the idea of me learning and using WordPress, because it really is just an amazing tool with a ton of flexibility; although it does have a huge learning curve. Slowly, but surely I’m learning!

The second reason is pretty much for growing and expanding my knowledge about website design and management. I’ve had my own website that’s been built from scratch using HTML since 2004, but it’s a major pain having to go and change everything in html coding using Front Page which was a MAJOR PAIN. Not because I couldn’t do it, but because when I created a new page, there was coding that had to be copied and pasted over and tweaked with. It was just totally time consuming and tedious.

So what does this mean in regards to my blogger blog? Well, I haven’t really decided yet. I know I plan on transferring a number of the posts over, but I’m not entirely sure that I want to export all of them. I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens!

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