Finished Project Knitting

Off the Needles!

Well, I finished the leggings on Saturday night.. both of them! However, I wasn’t paying attention too closely to the pattern, and instead of having the top 2 inches ribbed, there’s only 1.5 inches ribbed -since they are knitted from the bottom up- but i don’t think there’s anything wrong with this. They are so cute an super soft! I don’t have much longer to have a little baby to put into them, so I’m pretty excited.

Legwarmers I made for my baby boy that's due in April.

Anyway, the nice part about the leggings is that due to their size, they do not take up a lot of yarn. The skein of yarn comes in 175 yard lengths. I’m not entirely sure how many yards total that the leggings actually took but I know I could have gotten another pair out of the skein, and POSSIBLY a third pair.

Instead of making a ton of leggings from one skein of yarn, I decided to make a hat instead. I didn’t want to use a pattern that would take up too much yarn in the event that I would run out before I could finish it, so I searched around on Ravelry, and came across a pattern called “Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat”. I gotta say, it really was easy peasy! The reason why it’s called Sock Hat is because you use your sock weight yarn to knit it up. I actually learned a lot about sizing my gauge with this pattern, and so hopefully, the hat will actually fit Oscar when he’s born. Granted, he’s due in April, and so I don’t know how long he’ll actually wear it, but at the very least he’ll wear it in the hospital to keep his head warm, and maybe when he gets home.

Hat I made for my baby due to arrive in April

I also learned how to make I cords.. and I was shocked at how super easy they actually are! You really just need double pointed needles and that’s it. Which, truth be told are not all that difficult to knit witih; I find them easier to use than the other kind.¬† Of course, I ended up with a bit of yarn left, so it’s stashed away for now. But I’m tremendously pleased with myself that I finished TWO knitting projects¬† within a week (and an extra day) and I used up most of the yarn!¬† My next goal is to learn how to knit socks.. but I think that’s something I’m going to need to have someone show me how to do.

Of course, I have to end the post with everything together!

Hat and legwarmers together!

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