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One of the many things I know how to do is knit. So, I decided to share a knitting project. I’m knitting legwarmers for my little guy that’s due in April. I started them a few weeks back and actually had one done, but I was very unhappy with it, so I took it apart and started over. And now I’m almost done with the first one again! I think the reason why I was so unhappy with it is because I deviated from the pattern, and my stitch marker was so thick, it caused laddering. In addition, I didn’t transfer stitches around so it ended up being very spiralled looking, something that bugged me quite a bit.

With that said, let me post info about them (currently an it, but I’m making a pair of course). The yarn is 100% merino wool, and it’s Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium in the P 136 colorway. It’s considered a fingering yarn and is 4 ply.  The needles I’m using are made by Takumi and are size 3 US (3.25 mm) and are bamboo. I LOVE the feel of the bamboo needles, and while I have an array of metal knitting needles, I can see myself phasing them out and replacing them with bamboo. What’s so awesome about the yarn and the project in general is that the leggings take up so little yarn, I will have enough left over to make a newborn sized hat to match! But my most favorite thing is the color.. it totally reminds me of an avacado, since it has every color you’d find in one in all stages of ripeness and yes even when it starts to go bad and turn brown.

Oh, almost forgot.. here’s a link to the pattern I’m following.

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