Sewn Spaces Swap: Needlebook Edition

So, I participated in a ton of swaps this past summer, and I realized I never actually blogged or followed up on them. So, over the course of four posts, I will go ahead and blog about them, in the order they were due in.

The first swap I mentioned was a Needlebook Swap. I participated in this because I figured it would be fun, quick and easy! And two out of three isn’t bad. It was NOT easy for me at all! In previous swaps, I heavily relied on the assumptions that everyone that participated in swaps also blogged.. not in this case! I had to completely rely on my partner’s Flickr set and her Mosaic. A few things I noticed in her Mosaic (I’m having to recall this from memory because she no longer has the mosaic up in her Flickr set) Was that she had a TON of needlebooks with Birds on it, and she had a few things that were Little Red Riding-hood Inspired. And in the questionare, she said her favorite color was green.

So this is what I ended up making her:

Mosaic of the pictures of the needlebook I created.

The print of the larger sewing case is made out of some Hope Valley fabric by Denyse Schmidt, all of the solids are Kona Cotton, and I’m not sure what the fabric that I used for the small needlebook is made by; It’s some Japanese Linen Print that’s absoultely adorable. Oh, and the fabric for the bird’s wing is a piece of fabric by Lizzy House from her 1001 Peeps line. I free handed the bird on the cover, and used double sided fusible to attach it to the front, and then I hand embroidered it with black gutterman thread and the branch and the nest was done with DMC floss, as well as the embroidery on the spine of the cover. I did that to give the spine a bit more stability. Oh, the bias tape was some bias tape that came with Olga, one of the drawers was FULL of bias tape. And of course I used my snap pliers by Kam Snaps to put the snaps on everything. I absolutely LOVE the snap pliers, and this was actually the first project that I had an opportunity to use them with!

Apparently I did a fantastic job of picking the fabrics, because my partner reported to me that Hope Valley is one of her favorite lines of fabric. PHEW I feel like I should mention that I did not in fact send everything you see in the last picture to her; the rotary cutter, scissors and fabric marker are mine; I just used them in the needlebook to demonstrate what everything was for. She did of course, receive the green Mettler thread.

And of course, here’s what I received:

Sewn Spaces Swap SetPhoto by Sewwunderful on flickr

My partner picked really cute fabrics for my stuff. I was really feeling a nautical, undersea creatures vibe when I created my mosaic, and my partner did not disappoint. Not only did I get a needle case, I also got a hexagon needlebook.. and as you guys may know, hexagons are my most favorite shapes on this planet! And the large square on the upper right is a pincushion that she left unstuffed for me to stuff at my own leisure. I also got quite a bit of pins and needles, including a curved needle, something that was missing from my stash! I was very grateful to receive this as my gift.

Anyways, that’s all for this swap! I keep my hexagon needlebook on my desk, and I use it all the time. I still haven’t stuffed my pincushion -woops- but I keep my fish needlebook in my sewing room and I use it on a regular basis.

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