This is Madness!

Mug rug madness, not “No, this is Sparta!” (btw, I don’t know where that comes from, but I’ve seen it referenced many times on a website called My Life Is Average)

Anyway, I somehow came across a link for Mug Rug Madness -most likely on Flickr, I really need to start paying attention to how I find these things- and I’ve been having a ton of fun reading tutorials and looking at what people have been making. I spent probably a good two to three hours cleaning and organizing my sewing room last night -only got one side done, I’m not worried too much about the other side where my quilting frame is set up- and it dawned on me I’ve got a TON of scraps.. I filled up a gallon freezer bag full of smaller scraps, and then a plastic shopping bag and another bag full of larger scraps.. YIKES I’ve got a ton of scraps! Anyways, I’ve read about ticker tape quilts, and how they make good scrapbusters.. but I don’t really want to fully commit myself to sorting and trimming down my scraps right now, so I figured, “Hey I should make a mug rug!” So I did.

Gnome in the Deep Woods

I named it “Gnome in the Deep Woods” because I can picture in my head gnomes living in the woods tending to their gnome gardens and hiding away from people. I kind of wish I had made the gnome a little mushroom house, but I think it still looks cute the way it does! The green above the small tree and the gnome and his house is supposed to represent the woods, and then in the far distance -or the upper right corner- there’s a castle where humans live in. I was actually not planning on doing a little scenery; but it just sort of happened like that. I started from the bottom and then worked my way up.

The back of the mug rug, the roof of the gnome’s house and the castle are from Lizzy House’s line “Castle Peeps”, the two green dot prints I believe are from Riley Blake Designs.. I am 100% on that for the darker green, but only 80% sure of the lighter dots. The trunk of the tree is some unknown fabric that I just had in my stash, and the three solid greens are Kona; they are scraps from Oscar’s quilt. The grey is not Kona; I’m not entirely sure who made it. The gnome and the sky bit are made by Heather Ross. And the black fabric is a Moda Blender. All pieced with black Gutermann thread.

The raw edge applique was inspired by ticker tape quilts.. I’m not entirely sure if when you make a ticker tape project if the edges HAVE to be straight, but I do like the look. In addition, the binding was just folded over from the back and just sewn to the front.. I love how it came out.. less cutting for me! The size is approximately 9.5 inches tall by 6.5 inches wide… perfect size, and I love how it tells a story in such a small piece.

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