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Throwback Sunday #1

Initially, when I planned the blog transfer over from blogspot, I was going to transfer and archive my old blog posts. I plan on doing this with most of my posts; however there are some of my favorites that I think I’m going to share via something I’m going to call Throwback Sunday.. hence the blog title.  There’s probably not going to be a ton of these, considering I’ve only got a finite number of posts over on my old blog, and some of them are not worth bringing over. I don’t plan on bringing them over in any particular order, just whatever strikes my fancy.  So, in the spirit of my pending delivery, I will go ahead and post the first diaper cake I ever made with the help of my friend Kacy W.. it was a joint gift, and she had previous experience with making diaper cakes, so she came over and helped me make one.  So here goes..

Ngaire’s Diaper Cake

(originally posted 10/12/08)


Well, my friend Kacy and I decided as a joint gift to create a diaper cake for Ngaire (see previous post).  We each contributed towards it and this past Friday, she and her husband and their two cute kids came over for dinner, and while the guys gamed, us ladies did a diaper cake!  Kacy had experience in making them previously -as well as towel cakes- but this was my first time attempting one. Together our powers combined, we created an awesome cake (if I have to say so myself).

Here’s the cake before any decorations were added.

Diaper cake without embellishments

There’s three layers.  Obviously.

Diaper cake with embellishments

Here’s the cake with the ‘topper’.  We couldn’t think of anything creative, so it’s just a few baby toys and nail clippers inside of tissue paper.  You’ll notice tags, which I used with the New Arrivals [Cricut] cartridge, and I also used the print paper that I had left over from the invitations. The red isn’t the cardstock I bought for the invitations, but it’s red paper I had previously.  It works!

Closeup of the topper

Here’s a closeup of the topper of the cake.  The tag in case you can’t see it very well says “for you” with a heart instead of an ‘o’.  These tags were cut out at the 2.5″ selection’ however that’s referring to the size of the printed circle; the actual size is 3.75″.

Closeup of the bottom two tags

The tag for the top layer says “It’s a Girl”.  The top layer consists of a diaper rash ointment tube stuck into the middle layer, then it has a layer of rolled diapers around it, and then the outermost layer consists of washcloths folded in half and rolled and taped.  On the other side of the tag, it’s just a silhouette of a baby head with a bow over the head, indicating a girl. Th[e bottom] tag says “congratulations” and on the back side it’s just two baby feet.  This layer’s core is the top half of the baby products that form the core of the bottom layer.  The diapers are all a size two, and the bottles are tall, so the core is essentially the same for the bottom and middle layers. However because the bottles are not flat at the top, we did two layers of diapers and to stablize the middle layer for the top one, we squished bibs inside.  And of course the tube of ointment is pushed into it for stability.  There’s just one layer of diapers around the center, and the outermost layers are the two burpies I made out of the fabric for her baby bedding -to be featured at a later time- and [Gerber birdseye flat] cloth diapers.  I found the directions on the internet on a blog for a local quilt and fabric store, and followed the directions.  I went off a tangent and did not add ribbon on the edges like the blog indicated, but instead chose a decorative stitch to accent the edge of the added fabric.

The bottom layer’s core has assorted baby bath care products. Then around that, we put a circle of rolled diapers. Then there’s a second layer of rolled diapers, and the outermost layer is fanned diapers. We placed them inside of each other for better visual appeal and for stability. The bow on this layer is the red satin ribbon, only because we ran out of the leopard print ribbon. Clever cover up huh?

The red ribbon is 1.5″ and the leopard print is 1″.  You want to avoid using thinner ribbon, especially because it’s not quite as stable and the diaper cake can fall apart.  I’ve seen some diaper cakes that were made with thinner ribbon and they looked sloppy simply due to the ribbon width.  We used size two diapers, but I think if you want to use larger diapers, it’s probably best to use a wider ribbon.  You could get away with smaller width ribbon if you were using newborn diapers.  Our reasoning behind using the size two diapers, is because we wanted to pick a size that her daughter would be in sooner rather than later, and would be in them for a reasonable length of time.  This diaper cake took about 60 diapers, and we had to buy two packages of 48 to make sure we had enough diapers for it.  We concluded that size two was best based on our own experience in diapering our four children collectively (she has two and so do I).

I want to extend a personal and warm thank you to my friend Kacy W.  She lended her knowledge and experience in creating the diaper cake.  I can follow directions just fine; however, I find that it’s easier to learn if someone shows me personally.

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