Useful Tools

Here are some useful tools that I’ve made to streamline certain steps in creating various projects:

Quilt Binding Calculator: I created this tool in July 2010 to take the guesswork out of calculating the amount of fabric needed for binding and finishing your quilt! Keep in mind it’s for straight grain binding, not bias cut binding. The benefit of using my calculator is that it’s not assuming that you’re working with a set width of fabric.. which is especially handy if you’re working with a smaller quilted project and you’re planning on using a fat quarter or a piece of fabric that isn’t in the standard 42″/44″ bolt width.

So, what do you need to know to use the calculator? Nothing more than the width of your quilt, the length of your quilt, the usable width of fabric, your seam allowance and how wide you want your finished binding to be. This calculator can be used to create either single fold or double fold; for double fold binding, simply put your seam allowance and the desired width of your binding to the same values.

Keep in mind that the calculator only recognizes whole numbers and decimals, not fractions. But don’t worry about having to convert fractions to decimals; there’s a handy conversion chart that gives values in 1/8 increments!

February 4, 2011