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So, one of the things I’ve participated in is the Modern 4×5 Quilt bee. I was a caretaker for the inaugural round, and then I had stayed on as a caretaker for the next one. Unfortunately, it was going on right when I hit my low point, and I decided it would be best to step out while I took care of myself.

I wasn’t expecting anything due to my having to drop out, so imagine my surprise when a package showed up for me yesterday.

And here’s what was in it!

Everything in the package, sans chocolate.

Since I wasn’t mailing out any blocks, my understanding was to not expect blocks back. But of course since these ladies rock, they sent me blocks anyway. from the top, going left to right, the owl block is from Em of Little Bits & More, the whirlygig block is from Jen, and the cross block is from Pam. The bottom left block is from Tina of Seaside Stitches and the bottom right block is from Katherine of Honeyhill Designs. Also in my package were cards, chocolate and what I think is a hatpin.. I’m probably wrong but I’m not sure.

I gotta say, each and everyone of these ladies are amazing. They did not have to do this for me, and yet they did. I’m grateful to have the support from quilty friends like this. Each and every one of them put time, care and love into my blocks -as well as blocks for each other- and it shows.

To all of you, THANK YOU. You have each made this process that much easier for me.


edit: I realize I haven’t blogged the 3rd quarter blocks, I will do that later!

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